Set Your Airbnb Apart with Smart Home Tech

Set your Airbnb apart with Smart Home tech


Your guests will appreciate these smart devices, while allowing you to manage the rental process in a far more efficient, automated manner. 


Smart devices make managing the property from afar much easier, provides security to the rental space and maybe even higher prices as well.


Internet & Router


Your guests will absolutely expect a reliable connection throughout the living space. Additionally, you’ll need a wireless connection for additional smart devices throughout the home. 


Smart Locks & Smart Doorbell


Arguably the most useful smart device addition to the Airbnb rental is a Smart Lock. August Smart Locks are mutually beneficial to both guests and hosts. They’re almost becoming ubiquitous in the Airbnb Host community. With smart locks, guests can come and go as they please using a pin provided by the host. Guests and hosts don’t have to worry about meeting up to exchange keys. Guests can come and go as they please, and hosts don’t have to hassle with being woken up at late hours in the night to meet up and provide keys. Hosts can provide guests with temporary pins which can be assigned to the last 4 digits of their phone number for example, which will then be turned off once the guest has left the property in order to be reassigned for the next guest. 


Additionally, for hosts that want to add the August Doorbell Cam, you can actually speak to your guests when they are at the doorway, and let them in once they’re onsite. Not always a need to have, but definitely a cool add on device for those who opt for one.


Smart Thermostat


Distinct advantages for Airbnb rentals. Thermostats such as Google’s popular Nest Thermostat enable hosts to automatically set the temperature to a comfortable setting before guests arrive. Additionally, hosts can monitor the temperature to make sure it’s at a comfortable setting through the duration of the stay and that guests aren’t messing with it too much. Smart Thermostats are also effective at learning habits of the guests, and can automatically adjust accordingly to take some of the work out of the hosts hands.


Smart TV’s


While a smart tv is certainly not a necessity, in the majority of Airbnb’s today, especially higher end rentals, guest will typically expect the amenities that come along with a smart TV. This includes Wi-Fi capabilities with direct access to many of the platforms guests are familiar with on their home environments such as Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, HBOgo, etc. Most smart TV’s today come standard with these apps already installed or with the ability to download the desired apps directly through the tv. It’s important to disclose the features of your TV(s) in the description within your Airbnb profile as most people will be spending a good amount of time on their vacation winding down in front of the TV at the end of the night. 


Mobile Device Chargers


Rest assured your guests will come equipped with a variety of mobile devices with a schmorgasboard of chargers. Guests typically love having a charging deck with multiple ports already in place to avoid the hassle of having to bring a variety of chargers/cords from home. The larger charge pads today can charge multiple devices of various types all at the same time.


Smart Cams


The universal consensus on smart cams is that indoor cams are a big “no-no.” For starters, hosts are legally required to disclose if there are any cameras installed within the property. And generally speaking, most everyone wants to enjoy the space they paid good money to use without the intrusion of a camera in their personal space.


As for outdoor cameras, it’s generally acceptable as it’s seen as a standard security measure for the safety of the property. Smart Security


Smart Speakers


Most guests today will be familiar with Amazon Echo or Google Home. In many cases, guests will be happy to use these devices for their own purposes during their stay. Some hosts have fun with this and can provide custom skills for their guests with instructions on what to ask (ie: )


While in some cases, guests will refrain from using speakers due to privacy concerns. For this reason, if you do have a smart speaker on the property, It’s a good idea to let guests know they can easily unplug the device should they prefer.


Leak Detection


As a host, you’ll want a leak detector in case the washing machine or dish washer has a mishap. Obviously you’ll want to receive an alert as soon as possible to minimize potential damage from flooding.


Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector 


For safety and liability reasons, a smart carbon monoxide and smart smoke detector can will provide peace of mind for you as the host knowing that guests and the home are protected from these potential dangers. Also, a smart smoke detector can alert you if guests are smoking in the unit.


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