Raspberry Pi for your Smart Home?

Raspberry Pi for your Smart Home


A dream device for the home automation Do-It-Yourselfer.


Very cheap even for the latest version (latest version mention). Older version are even cheaper. Allows DIY’ers with a knack for tech to create whatever ideas they can dream up.


What you need to get started:


Raspberry Pi - Preferred latest version

Compatible smart home products - Alexa and Google Home compatible devices

Relay Module - Enables the Pi to communicate with and control the devices throughout the home network

MicroSD Card - To store your software

Home Automation software ( what it does and list of options)


Steps to get going:


Connect Pi to power source

Connect to internet

Connect to monitor or SSH

Install Raspbian operating system onto microSD card

Assign a static IP address so you can connect regardless of where you are

Connect to relays

Install a Raspberry Pi compatible smart home app (ie: Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway - https://iot.mozilla.org/gateway/ - WebThings Gateway is not a comparable replacement for a fully functioning smart home hub with all its bells and whistles, but for those concerned about sharing their data with Amazon or Google, this can be an excellent alternative especially when considering the future possibilities of fucntionality likely added to this or comparable Raspberry Pi gateways. Includes a rules engine for setting IFTTT style rules for how things interact.)

Using your app of choice, connect to devices in the home


From here you can control your devices just as you would with any other device.


Not everyone is comfortable with the always-listening aspect of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Also, the jury is still out regarding how data firms can and will be able to use our personal data for their own gain. Sharing personal usage data regarding habits in our most intimate settings is too unsettling for some people.


New Raspberry Pi 4 has added a bunch of new and exciting upgrades, while still priced very affordably. At about $35, you’re basically getting a new desktop computer. So what can  you as a smart home DIY’er do with the RaspBerry 4?


Upgrades with Raspberry 4:


More powerful processor

USB-C Power Supply

Micro HDMI Ports (Suppoirint 2 x 4K displays)

2.0 & 3.0 USB Ports

Gigabit Ethernet Connection Port

Choice of RAM - 1GB, 2GB or 4 GB

Bluetooth 5.0 & dual-band 802.11ac Wireless Compatibility


So What Kind of Projects can you do with Raspberry Pi:


Remotely watch your home via a security cam 


Connect to a smart doorbell which sends you a text when someone is at your door


Create a home heating monitor


Automatically water your plants




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