Our Favorite Smart Home Hub

To paraphrase Iceman’s line from the 80’s classic movie, Top Gun, “are you still wondering, which one is the best?” When it comes to smart home hubs, we found this competition to be a fairly easy contest. The winner is the Samsung SmartThings hub.


While far from perfect, the SmartThings hub offers the most device/technology agnostic hub for bringing together all of the many disparate smart home devices on the market today. Being a  smart home hub in the current climate is not an a coveted job. A good hub has to effectively communicate using a plethora of wireless protocols used by smart devices (link to other blog post) all throughout the smart home today. Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth5, WiFi to name a few of the major protocols. Not to mention the changes coming in the near future with the adoption of 5G and even Thread potentially. On top of the wireless technology, the hub has to allow interoperability with smart sensors, lightbulbs, TV’s, door locks, door bells, security cams, garage doors, to name a few. The list grows on the daily. With all this in mind, and despite it’s issues, we find the Samsung SmartThings Hub to be the most capable in navigating this complex landscape in the most seamless, user friendly way.

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