IKEA Bets Big on Smart Home Tech

IKEA Bets Big on Smart Home Tech


The leading home furnishing company in the world goes all in on smart home tech. IKEA aims to democratize access to cutting edge smart home technology the same way it did for its beautifully designed, albeit affordable furniture we’ve all come to know so well. 


IKEA’s new TRADFRI (translation: “wire-free”) smart kit includes an impressive array of beautifully designed devices you might expect from the likes of...well, IKEA. The kit includes 2 white-spectrum bulbs, a wall mountable and battery powered dimmer switch, and a small hub allowing the devices to work together intelligently. At a cost of only $79.99, this is an excellent way for first timers to officially join the smart home club.


With IKEA showing its cards going all in as a serious contender in the smart home game with its TRADFRI line, you can bet Samsung (SmartThings), Apple (Homekit), Google (Nest), and Amazon (Alexa), are each anxiously contemplating their next move.

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