Do I need the Sense Electrical Panel Device for my Smart Home?

Sense Electrical Panel Energy Saver Device


It installs directly on your home’s electrical panel and acts as a 3rd party device to accurately measure your energy use based on activities in the home. Energy use can then be viewed through Sense easy-to-use iOS, Android or web browser apps.


It’s a very small computer with powerful computing capabilities and should be installed by a licensed electrician which typically only takes about a half hour or less. 


Over time as Sense collects an incredible amount of data, Sense is able to use this high resolution data to identify devices recognize patterns with specific devices such as the refrigerator or microwave which cycle on and off frequently. Some devices accordingly will take a little longer to identify because the algorithm needs to pick up contextual data on its usage to reliably detect them.


The data is then presented to the end user through its impressive user interface which tells you just about everything you could want to know about electrical device usage within your home.


For example, it may show you that your 25 year old electric water is responsible for a far greater percentage of energy usage than you would have ever thought, providing room for cost savings with one runs on more modern heat pump technology. Or perhaps you’d like to see how solar electricity production compares to power production. With Sense, you can do this along with gaining many more informed insights about your home electricity.


Sense allows you to effectively see how much electricity you’re using, when it’s being used (ie: when your kids get home from school). Sense recognizes these patterns providing you with the options for cost savings in the home on areas for improvement or a change in devices. 


“I can confidently say that after you install it, it will eventually become the smartest gadget in your home — and help you save money to boot.”

Time Magazine


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