Automate My Kitchen

Automate My Kitchen


Google “smart home,” or “home automation” and it’s obvious there’s no shortage of articles in the interwebs about how to transform your living space into a smart home. One area that is often neglected though is the kitchen. As connected environments continue to become more commonplace in the home, the kitchen is one area that now has a lot of fun and compelling options for turning your “dumb” kitchen into a smart one. With the myriad of options on the market today, and expanding at a rapid pace, consumers have a wide variety of how to get started. It’s easy to dip your toe in the water starting with a few, low cost smart appliances, or even opt for making your existing appliances smart using connected outlets for example. Not everyone is ready to invest in a $4000 Samsung Smart Fridge right out of the gate. Over time you can turn that “dumb” kitchen into a smart one.


The goal of the smart kitchen isn’t to take away from or replace the fulfilling tasks of cooking, but rather to make the day-to-day tasks of cooking and cleaning more enjoyable and efficient. The list of smart kitchen solutions and appliances continues to grow daily. AI technology has introduced a lot of fun into the kitchen. It’s now capable of making your appliances work smarter, making cooking a more efficient process for the majority of us. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common smart kitchen options on the market today.


Innit Logo - To start out though, we want to give a nod to our favorite smart kitchen startup (link to top startups post). Innit recently raised $43 million over two rounds to develop an end-to-end smart, connected kitchen. The platform is able to identify what you have in stock, and recommend recipes accordingly using AI. It also helps with cooking through connected kitchen appliances. Pretty cool right? Check out the video below to get a better idea of what Innit is all about.


But without further ado, here’s an overview of our favorite smart kitchen products.


Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridges

  • Large screen hosts apps
  • Connects with your phone to sync notes, calendar and schedules
  • Acts as a SmartThings hub (link to post) allowing your fridge to be a central element in your home enabling you to access and control smart devices throughout the home directly from your fridge
  • Built-in voice assistant can play music from your platform of choice,order food from Grubhub and much more
  • Built-in camera lets you check on your fridge no matter where you are. There’s nothing worse than getting home from the grocery store and realizing you actually did need milk after all (

Hoover Vision Smart Oven

  • Built-in camera lets you check on the status of your food without opening the door
  • Large screen on the oven door can display recipes, allowing you to customize instructions for whatever you’re cooking


Amazon Basics Smart Microwave (You know, who doesn’t need a smart microwave duh?)

  • Actually, it’s pretty great at only $60
  • The microwave is integrated with Alexa so you can easily tell the microwave what you need it to do (ie: defrost it, cook popcorn, rice, etc.)
  • Not a smart feature, but it also has 10 power options to choose from


Use Drop Improve those Baking Skills

  • A kitchen scale with a companion app to ensure your ingredients are measured precisely
  • No longer mess with having to find the right measuring cup
  • Ensures you have the right ingredients in the proper order
  • Suggests alternative ingredients if someone has food sensitivities


These devices continue to become more and more user friendly and integrated with eachother in the kitchen. Additionally, most devices are now compatible with Alexa or Google Home which is especially convenient while cooking when you’re hands are typically pre-occupied. 


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