Alexa Gadgets Toolkit for the DIY Smart Homer

Alexa Gadgets Toolkit


Alexa is quickly becoming ubiquitous throughout many homes in the US and UK. As part of Amazon’s broad strategy to encourage adoption of Alexa as a voice assistant routine day-to-day activities, they have recently launched Alexa Gadgets Toolkit.


The toolkit allows third party developers to create their own Alexa Gadget. It offers DIY manufacturers and smart home enthusiasts with a creative touch a self-service API (application programming interface) that extends Alexa’s capabilities to your gadget of choice. Essentially it’s an accessory that connects via Bluetooth and interacts with any compatible Amazon Echo device. To be clear, an Alexa Gadget is not Alexa enabled, but connects to a device that is. Amazon does allow developers to build their own Alexa devices of course, but that’s a separate platform. The Alexa Gadgets Toolkit allows you to do the following:


  • Interact with an Alexa Skill - Trigger gadget actions, and act on data received from the gadget


  • Sync with Text-to-Speech - Enables gadget to synchronize with Alexa’s text-to-speech in real time.


  • Notifications, Timers, Alarms and Reminders - All can be synched on Alexa Gadget with Alexa enable Echo device


  • Receive Tempo Data from Amazon Music - Sends your gadget tempo data directly from Amazon Music based on what the Echo device is playing.


Wake Word Detection - Gadget can respond when the wake word is detected.


These are the few primary use cases for Alexa Gadgets, and it’s safe to think more will be available in the near future given that the Toolkit is still relatively new. The toolkit for a lot of fun new potential devices limited only by developers creativity. To date, Amazon has placed an emphasis on partnering with kid-friendly developers in the space such as Hasbro, Gemmy Industries, WowWee, BabyPlus, Tomy International, Novalia, Group Limited and eKids(iHome affiliate). All are on onboard already. Who doesn’t want a Big Mouth Billy Bass trophy fish which connected to Alexa so it dances to whatever you’re listening to? Not someone I wanna know…


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